Pallavi Foley judging the Jewellery Eminence Awards 2024

Pallavi Foley judging the Jewellery Eminence Awards 2024

I’m honoured to have been a part of the jury for the Jewellery Eminence Awards 2024 (JEA’24), reviewing jewellery designs across 23 categories. Being a judge is a significant responsibility and the experience has been nothing short of inspiring.

The jewellery presented at the competition was original, detailed, and artistic — a true breakthrough for the Indian jewellery industry. The innovative use of technology to enhance handcrafted pieces was particularly impressive. I was absolutely captivated by the focus on ‘movement’ within the designs, skillfully executed by the designers. The fearless blending of multiple concepts was very novel and definitely pushed creative boundaries.

The designers used exceptional gemstones, in front of which, even diamonds would seem dull in comparison. The vibrant colours and unique tones of these gems showcased incredible creativity and craftsmanship.

Seeing the amazing work of numerous designers, brands, and artisans from our country filled me with immense pride. Each piece of jewellery is the result of a collaborative effort, involving designers, gem miners, cutting artists, tech experts, gem setters, carvers, enamel specialists, and more — each one of them bringing their unique skills to the table.

A special thanks to the organisers for hosting these competitions that endeavour to showcase the best of Indian jewellery design.