Wear your prayer

Wear your prayer

Wear Your Prayer

The 'Wear Your Prayer' egg collection consists of ten prayer eggs that have been intricately and exquisitely handcrafted. These are beautifully crafted pendants worn close to the heart, to synchronize their powerful aura with your heartbeat.

From a distance, every egg is designed to balance the fluidity of the collection. However, it is only when one takes a closer look, the unique prayer pertaining to the scriptures comes into focus. 

The Indian Rose

This exquisite hand-crafted collection is designer Pallavi Foley’s dedication to the humble Indian Gulab. Used as garlands and over the ages worn by women in their hair, the Gulab (rose) signifies eternal love, purity, beauty and passion.

The rose goes back in history through time and is recognized as the diamond of the flower universe.

These exclusive pieces of beauty define the brilliant craftsmanship.

Pallavi Dudeja Foley

Pallavi Dudeja Foley is one of India’s most innovative jewellery designers. Her individuality is inherently visible in her designs and her journey has been all about discovery, growth and self-mastery.

About Pallavi Foley

At Pallavi Foley, we firmly believe that envisioning a design is only the first step; the vision has to be transported into the real world. In short, there is as much science in a piece of Pallavi Foley jewellery as there is art.

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Happy Customers

  • Pallavi recrafted and restored an old family heirloom precious ring for me. Her work is impeccable and her attention to detail is visible in the pieces of jewellery. In Pallavi, you have someone who understands nuance and design and pairs it beautifully with craftsmanship. They are truly pieces you cherish and will always wear.

    Nolita Lobo
  • Her designs are very unique and they always have a story behind them.

    Prashanth Ponnappa
  • Pallavi does the most imaginative dreamy pieces. Her pieces are modern yet rooted in tradition. Must visit place for designer whimsical pieces of jewelry that you can treasure for a long time to come.

    kavya manjari
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