Flame of the forest by Pallavi Foley

Flame of the forest by Pallavi Foley

Collection Name – “Flame Of The Forest”

Inspired By the Beautiful Orange Flower “Flame Of The Forest”. The flowers are bright orange-red which in many of Rabindranath Tagore’s poems and songs connects the flame like form of the flower to that of fire. In different regions of India, the flower has different significance. In one region, it depicts spring and in another, it is used for the worship of Lord Shiva and is considered a form of Agni.

Flame of the Forest is an ode to Bangalore, a city where Pallavi started her career. This collection captures the beauty of Bangalore city having a blend of organic leaves as well as the modern buildings all around the city. Pallavi has used this flower in an avant-garde sculptural tone, where the flowers are in full blossom and also they almost feel like the flame is emerging away from the body. At the same note, she has used the elements of fire and rain together with the flame of the forest flower moving in an upward direction like a flame and the chains dropping down depicting rain.

Look forward to the new ways of wearing jewellery breaking the conventional laws of wearing jewellery, styling yourself in an individualistic, artistic flair. Unconventional and nature inspired textures have been used throughout the collection crafted in the best traditional fine jewelery making techniques. The plays of scale and proportions have been used effectively to dramatize the various pieces of jewellery.

The “Wind-Blown Necklace” is one of the statement pieces of the collection which is inspired by a common sight in Bangalore when it rains and the flowers from the trees feel like they are blowing away in one direction. The collection will be available at Pallavi’s beautifully designed boutique, couture store.