Archangel Ariel charms

Archangel Ariel charms

This collection is inspired by Archangels, and hopes to fill your life with positivity and hope always.

As the protector of nature and wildlife, Arch-Angel Ariel is a free and spirited angel. Whenever you feel doubt, let Ariel fill you with zeal and help you take off towards your goals!

Whatever the hurdle before you, you have the strength to overcome it. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. You are unstoppable.

Angels connect us with our inner angels and remind us that we are spiritual beings having an experience of human life, however we have strengths that are more than our common perceptions of strength than we have possibly grown up knowing.

When I started to design this collection, I looked at the different ways in which I could depict the angels as a piece of jewellery. I sketched minimal wings, then just the wings, then minimal coloured stones with wings, but every time I would come back to realistic forms. I wanted the angel to be as real as possible.
It takes us 8 hours to carve out the face of each angel to perfection and this is done under a microscope.

We create the angel inspired pendants in 18k gold and also in silver.