The collection is inspired from an inner core, and has many levels and layers. It’s essentially about modern sculptures and structural geometry. The surprise lies in the inner core, which is dynamic and strong, which looks different from various view points. When one looks at the details of the piece, the inner and the outer units are very uniquely juxtaposed, to give visual balance. To the designer, the inner units represent the within, the inner self and the outside structure is the mask that we wear in the outer world, the outer self. A play of colour adds another dimension to the interplay of the inner and the outer.

The collection pans out in different forms, using a gamut of materials like lacquered wood, semi and precious stones, metal alloys, silver, gold and diamonds.

The collection is designed for a modern, bold and expressive woman, who loves hi-fashion and is not afraid to make a strong statement. The styling of the collection is bold, contemporary and striking.

There are a few collectors' items in the collection, which are limited edition and have a number marked on them. The pieces come along with the original sketches of the designer.

The collection presents a totally new approach to jewellery making, both in terms of construct and form, which makes it a never seen before collection, where art and design involve the onlooker to interpret their own meaning from the unusual and striking pieces of jewellery.

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