These are beautifully crafted pendants worn close to the heart, to synchronise their powerful aura with your heartbeat.

The 'Wear Your Prayer' egg collection consists of ten prayer eggs that have been intricately and exquisitely handcrafted. From a distance, every egg is designed to balance the fluidity of the collection. However, it is only when one takes a closer look, the unique prayer pertaining to the scripture comes into focus. The various prayers available are:

    The Hindu prayers available are: ‘The Gayatri Mantra’, ‘Mahamritunjaya Mantra’
    The Muslim duas available are:‘Surah-Al- Ikhlas’, ‘Ayatul Kursi’
    The Sikh prayer available is: ‘Ek Onkar- Mool Mantar’
    The Christian prayer available is: ‘The Hail Mary’
    The Parsi prayer available is: ‘The Ashem Vohu’
    The Buddhist prayer available is: ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’
    The Jain prayer available is: ‘Namokar Mantra’
    The Irish blessing available is: ‘May the road rise up to meet you’

    Along with the pendants, earrings and bracelet charms are also available. The options offered are gold (18 or 14 carat), sterling silver as well as gold plated silver.

    They come in three shapes: Round, oval and flat. The sizes vary from 13.5 mm to 29 mm.

    We also customize prayers as per the requirements.

    Bought either as a set or as individuals, this line makes for a personal unique gift for your loved ones.