Inspired by modern conceptual architecture, Pristino is a simplification of form and creation of ornaments from the structure and theme of urban conceptual buildings.

As the name suggests, ’Pristino’ is all about lines, which move along the jewellery pieces.

The collection creates a visual emphasis on the way lines interact to generate fluid forms. The overlap and variation in level makes the product unique, stunning, uber modern & chic.

There are diamonds at different levels and sometimes even underneath, however that only enhances the contours and makes the viewer appreciate the form even more.

"I’ve always found modern architecture very intriguing, walking around these newly constructed buildings gave me direction to link my ideas to this collection. Pristino is a collection I hold close to my heart, as I made my trips with my beloved father."

The collection is made in 18k gold and diamonds, with accents of colour, keeping the domes and circular forms as main highlights, depicting peace and inner beauty.

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