Organzo Curves

This collection talks about modern sculptures and is a tribute to the modern woman. Handcrafted to perfection, the collection conveys - 'Be beautiful, be bold, be edgy and most of all be yourself'. The gorgeous Perizaad Zorabian played perfect muse as she sashayed down the ramp in stunning pieces from the collection.

The entire collection is done in 18k yellow gold, silver and fresh water pearls using hand crafted jewellery techniques. The look is modern, bold, couture and avant-garde, perfectly suited for the contemporary women of today.

The forms are inspired by nature and its beauty. The design play with layers and levels, raising questions about form, space and dimension. The 'three-dimensionality' and the 'sculptural modern tone' which are a part of the intriguing beauty of each piece of this collection, are very definitive of the designer's style.

As the name suggests, the 'Organzo Curves' are all about dramatic curves, which strikingly move along the jewellery pieces. There are spheres inside which the gold waves seem to move. The jewellery delights the viewer when it twists and turns and moves in unexpected ways to create many stunning forms. The edges of some of the pieces are highlighted by edge pave setting of stones which dramatize the unexpected curves and movements in the forms.

'Organzo Curves' is a collection inspired by the woman of today who's comfortable in her own skin, loves what she does and accepts herself just the way she is. The Organza fabric from where the name is derived from is much like this. It has its own crispness and a beautiful drape.

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