By The Lombok Moonlight

This collection is inspired by the historical jewellery and the culture of South East Asia.

"Travel has been my greatest source of inspiration, and in this collection as well, my inspiration comes from the historical jewellery and traditions of the South East Asian archipelago, where each motif and texture is rooted in reason. When I visualized this piece, I saw the romance in the inspiration and wanted to express it through the jewels, using pearls as the expression of moonlight, with motifs and textures rooted in history."

The focus areas of the piece have been the textures of the palm leaf and its abstraction, the leafy forms and sculptural tones with three dimensional folds and curves, modern and layered. The pieces have been crafted with the belief that designers are one of the resources of novelty. The jewellery piece is like a wearable art and a wearable sculpture.

The jewellery has pieces of the traditional craft from Karnataka called ‘Bidri’, as units to create this masterpiece. Bidri is a historical craft of silver inlay work.

About Bidri

Bidri is a unique, cast metalware technique, made from blackened alloy of zinc and copper, inlayed with thin sheets of pure silver. And it is exclusive to Bidar, Karantaka, since the 14th century. The Zinc content and a paste of a very special variety of soil available only in select areas of the Bidar Fort give the alloy a deep black colour. Due to its striking inlay artwork Bidarware has come to be an important export handicraft of India and is loved the world over.

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