Design is a dynamic process, expressing eternal transition in concept and form. Evolution has become a constant in contemporary design vocabulary.

The designer of the crowns, Pallavi Dudeja rose to the challenge of discarding typical crown shapes and heading into a brave exploration of unusual and unconventional forms, colours and design. Her extensive research on breaking tradition and defying structures led her to designing stunning and innovative crowns.

The Ponds Femina Miss India Universe crown is a marvel of design ingenuity. Weighing 450 g and encrusted with 2000 stones, its form is inspired by the galaxies. The impossibly delicate strands with precious crystals radiate out like shooting comets.

The Ponds Femina Miss India Earth crown derives its inspiration from the essence of nature- her flora and fauna. Based on the fabulous colours and movement of the peacock and its feathers, this stunning piece is an intriguing study in harmony and contrast. And of course, the dominant, beautifully cut, pear-shaped, deep blue stone in the centre of the piece symbolises the ‘tikka’, and gives a riveting focus to the whole crown.

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